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How to choose a parts manufacturer

Finding a quality parts manufacturer to work with for a long time on custom parts is not an easy task. So how do we choose a parts manufacturer?
In terms of parts quality, parts price, after-sales service, location, technical level, supply capability, delivery, etc.

1. Parts quality
Parts quality refers to the extent to which the manufacturer's finished parts meet the customer's needs. The reliability of the quality of the finished parts provided by the manufacturer is an important assessment indicator. The manufacturer must have a good quality control system, and the parts provided must be able to consistently and steadily meet the product qualification rate.

2. Parts price
The price of a part is the cost that the customer pays for each unit of the product. The manufacturer should be able to provide competitive prices. In modern supply chain management, product price is no longer the primary factor in choosing a manufacturer, but is still an important factor.

3. After-sales service
The level of after-sales service is an indispensable indicator for selecting a manufacturer. The manufacturer should be able to solve various service needs of users in a timely manner, or provide some technical support.

4. Location
The distance between the manufacturer's location and the customer's location, the manufacturer's geographic location has a considerable impact on the amount of inventory.

5. Technical level
The technical level refers to whether the manufacturer's parts processing parameters meet the requirements, whether the manufacturer has a strong technical team, whether it has the ability to develop new products, research and development and the ability to manufacture or process the required products.

6. Supply capacity
Supply capacity refers to the manufacturer's production capacity, need to verify whether the manufacturer has a considerable production scale and development potential, which means that the manufacturer's manufacturing equipment must be able to reach a certain scale in terms of quantity, to ensure the production of the required number of products.

7. Delivery
Delivery is the extent to which the manufacturer can meet customer orders in a timely manner. However, the manufacturer's ability to deliver is measured in terms of time.
These are a few suggestions on how to choose a parts manufacturer.

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