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Several factors for high quality parts

First, the principle of material selection of parts
Meet the requirements of the use of performance, taking into account the process and economy of the material.
Material properties usually include mechanical properties, physical properties and chemical properties, for general mechanical parts is mainly mechanical properties. He determines the value of the material and working life, is the main basis for material selection.

(1) analysis of the working conditions of the parts, failure forms, to determine the use of the parts and process performance and other related properties.

(2) combined with the processability and economy of the material, according to the mechanical properties of the criteria, select the appropriate material, determine the heat treatment method or other strengthening methods.

(3) the important parts or a large number of processed parts, should be tested to test the selected materials and heat treatment methods can achieve the performance requirements. After the test results meet the requirements, mass production.

Second, the equipment processing technology
Analysis of parts drawings, determine the processing method.
According to the dimensional accuracy and technical requirements of the parts, choose suitable tools to determine the tool parameters.
Do the preparation work in detail, do a good job, reduce errors and rework.

Third, quality inspection
Appearance inspection
1. Check whether the finish of the machined part meets the drawing requirements.

2. Check whether the machined parts are damaged, rusted, bruised and whether the thread shape and angle are correct.

Then is the quantity acceptance
1. Check the material, specification and quantity of the machined parts strictly against the drawings based on the order voucher, and check them piece by piece.
2. Make records of quantity acceptance, and record the time and place of acceptance, the type of product, and the number of due and actual arrivals.

Use high-end material processing. Lathe processing rigorous and careful, and then to the final strict quality testing. The core of the creation of high-quality parts, but also all the staff seriously, and strictly implement the ISO9001 management standards.


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