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What preparation is needed for precision hardware processing

Precision hardware processing industry is currently in a high-speed development trend, many companies need to rely on it for the production of parts and equipment, and therefore, the current requirements of precision hardware processing is increasingly high, the processing drawings, materials, processing technology and other conditions are relatively harsh, so we need to understand how to avoid scrapping the workpiece when processing, improve production efficiency need to do the corresponding preparation.

The first thing we need to make clear is that the drawings are very important. Drawings are equivalent to the heart of the entire process, if the drawings do not indicate the corresponding form tolerances, the production of the product is likely to be unable to achieve the purpose of use, at the same time, the drawings are also to precision machining enterprises set a direction, based on drawings, to develop the corresponding process flow, reasonable arrangements for processing time, to speed up production efficiency. Secondly, the material used for processing is also crucial. No good materials, then good equipment can not reach a perfect standard, the production of finished products may not be beautiful enough, many precision hardware processing parts are more or less used in the automotive, aerospace, medical enterprises, the workpiece needed not only to look beautiful, and the precision to achieve a high level, but also need better material characteristics.

Third, the cost budget and processing cycle budget. In most cases, the precision hardware processing industry production and processing workpiece prices are decreasing, while the material and labor costs continue to rise, so we need to budget in advance, control the corresponding adjustable costs, and reasonable scheduling in the production period, to avoid the processing of workpieces in a hurry, resulting in uncontrollable factors occur.

Fourth, surface treatment and packaging and transportation. Hardware parts need to be processed in a timely manner after the surface treatment to prevent oxidation, corrosion, etc., packaging and transportation need to use the appropriate protective measures to prevent the workpiece in the process of transport by pressure deformation, bump, etc., to ensure that the workpiece in a perfect state handed over to customers.

Precision hardware processing process.
01、Processing process route has great uncertainty, a kind of parts or products can have a variety of processes, the production process requires a wide range of machinery and equipment and fixtures.

02, hardware manufacturing enterprises due to mainly piecemeal processing, product quality and productivity depends largely on the technical level of workers, and the degree of automation is mainly at the unit level, such as CNC machine tools, flexible manufacturing systems, etc.

03、The product parts are generally combined with self-made and outsourced processing, such as electroplating, sandblasting, oxidation, screen printing, laser engraving and other special processes will be entrusted to external manufacturers.

04、More parts are needed, and the workshop site often needs to fill in a large number of material orders and will see a "one-line" production order. If there is a process management, you also need to fill out a large number of process transfer orders.
The above is to do precision hardware processing in the link need to do the preparation, I hope it will help you!

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