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Why is there semi-finishing and finishing in machining?

The arrangement of such a machining process is still customized mainly for parts with high machining accuracy.

First, a few words about its main role.
Semi-finishing has two main roles´╝Ü

The first is to avoid the rough machining allowance is too large, resulting in a large number of machining stresses gathered, thus causing excessive stress deformation of the parts in the finish machining regret.
The second is to lengthen the production cycle of the parts, in reducing the processing stress at the same time, to further allow the parts to have a certain natural aging time, can be in the finishing process before the processing stress to a certain degree of release, so as to ensure the machining accuracy of the parts.
Of course, the preparation of such a processing process is now appropriate, which also needs to be discerning to look at this matter.
In fact, modern processing technology and material technology has changed a lot.

For example, CNC machining can well ensure the balance between the size of the machining allowance and the speed of machining, you can use the high-speed characteristics of the machine tool to achieve a small amount of high feed fast machining mode, which can be a good solution to the problem of machining stress.

And now the tool technology has also been very much improved, the same processing mode, choose a better tool can ensure better processing efficiency and quality, but also can make the processing stress less, this for the modern processing tool is completely have the opportunity to do.

In addition, the material technology has also been developed rapidly, many materials in the processing of stress aggregation and release characteristics are much better, and many stress relief means have become more effective and convenient, so for the traditional "semi-finishing" production mode has the meaning of retention, depending on the different processing environment, different It is not necessary to follow such rules unchangingly.
For example, CNC machining, CNC technology is now very powerful, often a one-time clamping can meet the processing of many processes, we can not because of the processing process set a "semi-finishing" really have to process half of the parts to dismantle, and then wait a few days to process again, which is obviously unrealistic, and processing accuracy may also This is obviously unrealistic, and the machining accuracy may be compromised, so we use more high-speed small margin machining mode, so that the parts in the process to avoid machining stress, so as to ensure the processing of parts.

For the traditional machining process, it has a very good reference value, but it also has the limitations of the times and helplessness, with the development of science and technology, what we have to do is to combine modern technology, based on the traditional experience accumulated and technical knowledge to better serve the quality of processing, holding the residual may not make a big mistake, but it must not be the choice to maximize the benefits, completely abandon the traditional experience certainly has the courage, but It is not necessarily the most correct path.

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