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How to manage to improve the efficiency of machining

Improve the efficiency of machining can be from the equipment, tooling, tools, process, management, etc. I think the equipment, tooling, tools, process can improve the scope and management can improve the scope of the proportion should be the former accounted for a larger share of the former compared to hard measures is very easy to improve efficiency, the latter to improve efficiency mode relies on the technical quality of the operator as well as the operator's income, the following talk about my understanding of what can Ways to improve efficiency through management.

1, the quality of personnel, if skilled work is certainly higher than the efficiency of raw apprentices, so the recruitment of operators with operational experience this is particularly important.

2, personnel training, as a processing aspect of the enterprise, I think the technical workers of this type of personnel has gradually appeared the phenomenon of youth, so can train more excellent operators, both to urge the old workers to actively study, but also to stimulate new workers to thrive, to increase the competitiveness of the enterprise, so as to improve efficiency.

3, there is to promote the role and strict implementation of the reward and punishment system, this I think is very important, positive reward and punishment system can not only promote the operator to improve production capacity to enhance product quality.

4. operator shift arrangement, reasonable scheduling to improve production capacity has a great role in helping. The strict implementation of the scheduling system is also very important, often the night shift, the big night shift is lower than the day shift work rate is because the night shift, the big night shift no supervision of the first-line management personnel, resulting in the work is not handled, and even some managers think that the night shift, the big night shift is harder than the day shift, more tired than the day shift and allow operators to cheat, this kind of thinking is not right from the management, according to the work and rest time, the night shift, the big night shift According to the working hours, the working hours of night shift and night shift are less than the day shift, and the rest time is longer than the day shift, so the day shift is the one that does not take advantage.

5.Parts equipment arrangement, front-line managers should consider the principle of superior equipment on the batch, play the strengths of superior equipment to increase efficiency. For example, say their own workshop equipment are the most advanced and smartest, he prefers to arrange these devices to process single pieces or small batches, so that outsourcing manufacturers to process large batches of parts, both intelligent equipment because of frequent replacement of fixtures caused by lower processing efficiency, but also batch parts because of transit or outsourcing manufacturers immature operation caused by late completion of parts and scrapped because of quality problems.

6. The most important issue I think or staff motivation, staff happiness index, as long as the staff in a good mood, a sense of dependence on the enterprise, the speed of work is certainly faster than a stomach full of complaints about work.

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