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Precision hardware processing process and matters needing attention

Matters that need to be noted for precision hardware processing.
1. Need to have accurate design drawings
Just said that precision hardware processing is the processing of some small diameter hardware parts, so the design drawings of such products should be accurate, the parts are lost by a hair's breadth, if the drawings are not accurate, it may lead to the production of parts can not be used, thus increasing the production costs. 

2、Precision hardware processing materials 
Precision hardware processing products are generally used in aviation, watches and clocks and other places that require high quality materials, so the quality of the processed hardware products is also very high, so the general precision hardware processing using the best materials. 

3、Cost budget 
In many cases, the products processed by precision hardware are relatively low-priced, so we should also take this into account when we budget, and we must control the cost when precision hardware processing is required. Improving the technology of production and improving production efficiency plays an important role in controlling costs.

Precision hardware processing process.
1, processing process route has a great uncertainty, a part or product can have a variety of processes, the production process requires a wide range of machinery and equipment and fixtures.

2, hardware manufacturing enterprises due to mainly piecemeal processing, product quality and productivity depends largely on the technical level of workers, and the degree of automation is mainly at the unit level, such as CNC machine tools, flexible manufacturing systems, etc..

3, product parts are generally a combination of self-made and outsourced processing. For example, electroplating, sandblasting, oxidation, screen printing and laser engraving and other special processes will be entrusted to external manufacturers to process.

4, the need for more parts, the workshop site often need to fill out a large number of material orders and will see a "one-line" production list, such as process management, but also need to fill out a large number of process transfer orders.

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