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What is the correct way to use calipers?

Caliper is a measuring tool often used in people's daily life, but many people do not know how to use calipers correctly.

The correct use of calipers - vernier calipers
The correct use of calipers vernier caliper, vernier caliper is a more common type of caliper, its use is to ensure that before the use of zero error in the recording area, and then the measurement needs to move the ruler frame to the right to a certain position, then the active measuring jaws will be a certain distance from the fixed measuring jaws, and this distance is the measured size. So the use of this caliper is very simple, the reading only need to read the first integer, and then read the decimal, and then add the two numbers can be derived from the measured size, we must pay attention to the caliper zero calibration when using the vernier caliper, but also to put the ruler flat.

The correct use of calipers-digital calipers
The correct use of calipers digital display calipers, digital display calipers is with the measurement of internal diameter, external diameter, depth and step four measuring tools, digital display calipers is the use of the principle of the measuring system for the two measuring jaws relative to move the distance of the separation of measurement, and then through the display screen to show the measurement value. Therefore, the use of this measuring tool is very simple, just turn on the power switch can be used, when using to keep the mobile caliper ruler frame smooth. Measurement of the workpiece needs to be carried out under static, the measurement strength should be appropriate, and any position can be zeroed, any position can be metric and imperial conversion, but also more convenient to use.

The correct use of calipers-with table calipers
The correct use of calipers with table calipers, with table calipers is a mechanical transmission system through the two measuring claw relative movement into the rotary movement of the pointer of the indicator table, a universal length measuring tool, calipers in use before the calipers should be wiped clean, and then check whether the calipers returned to zero, to determine the error-free hand slowly push and pull the ruler frame, so that the amount of claw and the measured parts of the surface gently contact, and then Gently shake the vernier caliper to make good contact, so that the measured data can be read by the table pointer, it should be noted that the measurement of the long and shape size should be used to measure the outer measuring jaw, and the measurement of the inner diameter should be used to measure the inner measuring jaw, so we must not use the wrong measurement.
At present, the market has also launched a variety of new intelligent level of calipers, because the use of calipers is becoming more and more simple, the correct use of calipers only need to follow the above steps of the caliper package instructions to use.

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