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What is the process of processing aluminum products

Generally speaking, the processing of aluminum products is a general term for daily necessities and industrial products processed with aluminum alloy as the main raw material. Aluminum alloy is a general term for aluminum-based alloys.

Next, I will explain the operation process of aluminum product processing.
1. After receiving the aluminum processing order, you must understand the aluminum processing chart and check whether the data shown in the chart is consistent with the data, if there is any doubt, please continue the material picking process. Feedback to the supervisor.

2. According to the type and specification of the ordered material. After approved and signed by the warehouse manager, the material will be checked against the quantity in the order and the aluminum profile specifications will be checked before picking and matching. Appearance quality: The outer surface must be free of corrosion, oxidation defects and scratches. Bent profiles require 100% inspection by inspectors before they can be processed. 

3. Sawing right-angle aluminum profiles: Use double-headed aluminum profile cutting machine to commission the sawing machine according to the requirements of the sawing machine operation procedures and test 1 according to the profile setting table to achieve self-checking of length, angle, surface and other aspects. Only after inspection can batch sawing be done. Sawing aluminum profiles with a 45-degree angle or 135-degree angle: break the material with a double-headed saw, then use a single-headed angle aluminum profile cutter. According to the angle marked in the drawing, commission the sawing machine and try to make a self-check to check the length, angle, surface and other aspects.

4. After sawing the machined parts that need to be drilled and milled according to the drawing, use the product handling trolley to carry the products to the machining area for CNC processing and then drill or mill them. For machining parts with few or relatively simple notches, you can commission the drilling and milling machine according to the operating rules for sawing, drilling and milling machines before cutting and milling the notches on a regular drilling and milling machine and then performing the machining operation. Before machining the drilling and milling grooves, you must meet the requirements of the mutual inspection plan, check the machined parts of the previous process for errors to prevent unqualified products, and establish self-inspection requirements to prevent unqualified products from entering the next process.

5. After processing the product, use the product transfer vehicle to transfer the product to the product area to be inspected for product inspection.

6. After checking the qualified products, use the product transfer truck to transfer the products to the product packaging area for product packaging. The protective film should be selected according to the treatment method of the product surface, and the product should be placed flat on the product during the packaging with the protective film. Otherwise, the protective film will fall off easily. Please hold the product lightly during the packaging process to avoid scratching the product during the packaging process.

7. After checking and protecting the products, stick the product certificate and enter the warehouse according to the quantity received by the warehouse. Then the warehouse manager will send it to the place specified by the customer according to the plan.

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