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Which is the best CNC machining? Learn from these aspects

CNC processing which is good this problem must have troubled many people, first of all, we understand what is CNC processing.
CNC machining also has other names, such as CNC machine processing, computer gongs, and some called CNC machining center, the main work is to prepare the processing program, that is, the original manual work to computer programming. It is an automated machine tool controlled by a program. This control system can logically process the program with control codes or other symbolic instructions, through the computer will be decoded, so that the machine tool to perform the prescribed action, through the tool cutting the blank material into semi-finished or finished parts.
The composition of CNC machine tools.

CNC machine tools are generally composed of input devices, CNC systems, servo systems, measurement links and machine tool body (the mechanical components that make up the body of the machine tool).

If you judge a CNC processing factory is good, first we have to look at the business license, ISO certificates, etc., we can initially determine the size of the factory, the conditions can go directly to visit the factory, we can also refer to some manufacturers have been in cooperation with the company. Shenzhen industrial man hand board model was created in 2001, covers an area of 10,000 square meters, cooperation with TCL, SONY, BYD, Xiaopeng car, Guangzhou Automobile, China's China Motor and many other large brands.

Then we can look at CNC processing equipment, good manufacturers should have high precision CNC processing equipment, CNC processing equipment, three axes in the frequency of use will be higher, suitable for processing some simple and common products, four axes five axes can be processed polysurface, the structure of more complex products, but four axes five axis processing costs will be much higher than the three axes, three axes can solve things do not have to use the five axis The three axes can solve things do not need to use five-axis.

But only the processing equipment CNC processing factory is not perfect, but also has to be equipped with perfect testing equipment, such as detection of size: three seat tester, detection of surface finish tester, detection of material composition of the spectrometer, detection of the diameter of the hole and the thread of the needle gauge and plug gauge.

Finally, a standard team must also be equipped with a customer's new product development will inevitably have some modifications and encounter some development problems. At this time an engineering group and a technical team have to work closely with each other, give each other proper advice, collide with different sparks, so as to process a good product and let customers feel a different kind of service quality.

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