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What is turning and milling

          Then with the increasing variety of CNC lathes, the name of many lathes slowly become difficult to understand, next we will understand what is CNC turning and milling compound, before understanding the CNC turning and milling compound we should first understand the CNC lathe and CNC milling machine separately to see what kind of difference they all have before.

          CNC lathe refers to the machine tool which is primarily used to turn and process the rotating processing parts with the tool of CNC lathe. Generally, the tool of the bed lathe is fixed in a specific position on the machine tool, and the processed parts are cut when they are clamped by the fixture to do rotational movement along the axis and close to the cutter, so it is mainly applied to processing shafts, discs, sets and other workpieces with reversed appearance, and it is the most widely used type of machine tools in machinery manufacturing and repairing factories. The common CNC milling machines and drilling machines and other rotary processing machines are derived from the CNC lathe. Its processing principle is that the workpiece is rotating and the tool is fixed.

         CNC milling machine is a machine tool that mainly uses milling cutter to process various appearance on the workpiece. Its performance is the milling cutter rotary motion as the main motion, the workpiece and milling cutter can move as the feed motion. That is, its object is fixed in a position in the machine tool, milling cutter in the clamping fixture for high-speed rotary motion, touching the workpiece in its exterior processing plane, groove, but also able to process a variety of curved surfaces, gears, etc. CNC milling machine is used to mill the workpiece milling machine in the CNC milling machine can process the plane (horizontal, vertical surface), groove (keyway, T-slot, dovetail groove, etc.), split gear parts (gears In addition, it can also be used for the machining of reversing surfaces (horizontal and vertical surfaces), grooves (keyways, T-slots, dovetail grooves, etc.), split-tooth parts (gears, spline shafts, sprockets), spiral surfaces (threads, spiral grooves) and various surfaces. In addition, it can also be used for reversing the exterior of the body, internal hole processing and blocking operations. Because of the intermittent cutting of multiple tools, so the productivity of CNC milling machine is high, the processing principle of CNC milling machine is the processing of fixed parts, the tool is rotating.

          CNC turning and milling compound as the name implies, that is, a CNC lathe and CNC milling machine contains all the features of a composite machine tool and its functions include turning and milling compound, turning and milling grinding compound, milling and grinding compound, the purpose of the compound is to make a machine tool with multiple functions, it can be a clamping to complete multiple tasks, improve processing efficiency and machining accuracy, because it will be a combination of the characteristics of the CNC lathe to a machine to Above, greatly reduce the floor space, reduce rent and other capital costs. Although the unit price of CNC turning and milling is relatively high, but because it can shorten the manufacturing process chain and the number of fixtures, workshop floor space and reduce equipment maintenance costs, from the perspective of enterprise investment, it can also effectively reduce the overall investment in fixed assets, greatly reducing the cost of production operations and personnel and equipment management.

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