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Stainless steel screws to prevent corrosion

Stainless steel screws are made of metal, and there are four main ways to prevent corrosion of metal. That is, the nature of the material itself, the use of the environment, the interface between the material and the environment and improve the design of the metal structure. If the use of complete corrosion-resistant alloy to manufacture stainless steel screws, unless there is a special need, it is not really in the economic concept, or the appearance of the screw will be completely isolated from the production of corrosive environmental elements. In the physical also does not necessarily work, may be very difficult. Improve the design of metal structure can be in a certain situation to improve the impact of special circumstances, but most of the stainless steel screw design can not be fully amended, and its maintenance role is not permanent, so this method can not basically deal with the problem, as long as the interface of corrosion prevention, that is, the appearance of corrosion prevention treatment is currently the most widely used methods.

Stainless steel screw exterior corrosion prevention treatment is the use of various methods to apply maintenance layer on the metal exterior, its role is to isolate the metal and corrosive environment to inhibit the generation of corrosion process, or reduce the corrosive media and metal exterior contact, and to avoid or reduce the purpose of corrosion.
The maintenance layer should be able to meet the following requirements.
1. corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high hardness.
2. Tight structure, intact, small porosity.
3. Strong separation from the base metal, good adhesion.
Evenly dispersed and have a certain thickness.

Maintenance layers are usually divided into two categories: metal layers and non-metal layers. Metal layers are metals or alloys with high corrosion resistance that form a maintenance layer on the exterior of metals prone to corrosion, and such coatings are also called plating layers. The methods and varieties of metal coating are quite a lot, the most common of which is the electroplating method. The next is the molten metal dip plating method (hot dip plating) and chemical surface treatment. Non-metallic layer refers to the use of polymer materials such as paint, and inorganic materials such as ceramics, in the metal equipment or parts on the exterior to form a maintenance layer, the maintenance layer can be completely isolated from the base metal and environmental media, to avoid the base metal due to contact corrosion in stainless steel standard parts media and the formation of corrosion.


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