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What are the common surface finishing processes for metal products?

The external surface of products is increasingly enriched with the development of new technologies and techniques for surface treatment of products, etc., showing different developments. Metal is a common material in modern life. Due to its good material properties it is widely used in product design. Metal material surface treatment process mainly includes surface pre-treatment and surface decoration treatment, metal surface treatment process mainly includes surface mechanical treatment, chemical treatment and electrochemical treatment, and here is not too much to elaborate. As one of the surface decoration technology surface texture process is the main point of our discussion, metal surface texture process through forging, engraving, grinding, corrosion and other processes in the metal surface to produce the texture effect. To the surface of the metal product packaging also gives the user a different visual effect, as well as psychological feelings. Below we summarize the more common ways to start from the product design surface treatment.

1. Polishing
Polishing is a processing process that uses mechanical and also chemical principles. It serves to reduce the surface roughness of the workpiece to obtain a bright, flat surface processing method. The main purpose of polishing is to make the surface of the product to present a smooth state, making the messenger more smooth.

2. Sandblasting
Sandblasting is powered by compressed air. This is also a kind of rust removal operation, that is, the traces of this surface will be certain sanding, using the role of the grinding wheel, the purpose of this is to do so in order to the next link of the process can be effectively launched. 
Metal etching is a technique to remove the material by chemical reaction or physical impact, and metal etching technology can be divided into two categories: wet etching and dry etching. Doing so will add a certain aesthetic effect.

3. metal etching metal
etching is a technique to remove the material using a chemical reaction or physical impact, metal etching techniques can be divided into two categories: wet etching and dry etching. Doing so will add a certain aesthetic effect.

4. Metal embossing
Metal embossing refers to the embossing process of metal plate by mechanical equipment, after this process can form a certain relief of beauty.

5. Wire drawing metal
Brushed metal refers to the processing of regular patterns on the metal surface by mechanical friction. Metal brushing process can clearly show each detailed silk marks, so that the metal matte in a fine hair luster. So that the product has a rich sense of texture, fashion and technology. Doing so will not only have no trace of scratches, but also form a very beautiful sense of light.

6. Other
The role of decorative product surface. There are still many aspects to be considered when processing, of course, the most important is the practicality must be good, followed by the aesthetics. Of course, there is also the service life of the product is also an important area of consideration. Because no one wants to buy the product they choose to use a very short time will be damaged.

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