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By shumijia | 27 October 2021 | 0 Comments

Quality inspection of combination screws

Combination screws, we from production to delivery to customers. This whole process, we are required to carry out quality inspection of combination screws. This is to ensure the quality of combination screws. This will allow customers to use our screws more confidently and boldly. So, we in the combination of screws for quality measurement process, we will generally encounter what bad quality problems it

Poor molding: eccentric, imprint, eccentric head, missing material, burst head, etc.
Rubbing bad teeth: rotten teeth, bad nail pulling, bad nail burning, etc.
Bad dimension: length, outer diameter, bone diameter, angle, etc.
Bad plating: blackening, color difference, etc.
Reliability: bad salt spray test, bad torque, bad hardness, bad hydrogen embrittlement, bad fracture, bad slippery teeth, etc.
Bad environment: bad material (containing harmful substances), bad plating, etc.

And then there is a bad mix of materials, etc.
Of course, these are only some of the bad problems encountered in the quality inspection of combination screws.


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