About some hardware machining
By shumijia | 06 November 2021 | 0 Comments

Why choose "Shumijia" for mechanical finishing

For the pursuit of quality
For reasonable price
We have a variety of processing equipment
48 employees
From the consultation of the order to the acceptance of the finished product
After a set of precision production
Strict testing, to eliminate defective products!

Production Technology Team
Discipline yourself
Meticulous in work and strict in quality

The processing process of the drawings sent by the customer is rather complicated
We have consulted many companies, but we can't solve it
But we do not compromise
The engineers of the technical team
immediately started technical discussions
Solve technical problems for customers

Always remember the mission, adhere to the craftsmanship
Multi-stage testing process
Guarantee of quality = advanced equipment + rich technology + strict quality control

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