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Fast processing speed, complex parts in one time

Among the many parts processing machines

There is one machine

Fast processing speed, complex parts in one time

Accurate and reliable processing accuracy

Automatic feeding, automatic stop when the material is finished, and high productivity.

The above-mentioned features are the characteristics of automatic lathe

Automatic lathe is a kind of high performance, high precision

Low-noise automatic lathe of tool walking type

It is an automatic processing machine that controls the processing program by cam.

Suitable for processing and manufacturing precision parts such as copper, aluminum, iron and plastic

It is suitable for processing small parts in batches in industries such as instrumentation, automobile, military industry, etc.

Especially the more complex parts.

The walking cam automatic lathe is equipped with 5 tools, tool holders in the order of No.1, No.2, No.3, No.4 and No.5 each group of tool holders can be equipped with 1-2 tools, No.1 and No.5 are turning outer diameter, 2, 3 and 4 are mainly for cutting groove, chamfering and cutting off etc. 2 tail shafts, 2 drills and 1 tap, 1 plate tooth are cutting and processing at the same time, and tapping, milling, plate tooth and embossing can be carried out at the same time. Without manual operation, complex parts can be simultaneously turned outer circle, spherical surface, conical surface, circular surface, step, groove cutting, embossing, drilling, tapping, lathing, cutting, etc. The whole process can be completed by one processing.

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