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What is the ISO9001 Quality Management System?

    The ISO9001 standard is a scientific summary of the practical experience of quality management in many economically developed countries around the world, and is universal and instructive. The implementation of the ISO9001 standard can promote the improvement and perfection of an organisation's quality management system, and can play a good role in promoting international economic and trade activities, eliminating technical barriers to trade and improving the management level of an organisation. In summary, there are several roles and significance in the following aspects.

First, the implementation of ISO9001 standard is conducive to improving product quality, protecting the interests of consumers and enhancing the credibility of products
The establishment of quality management system according to ISO9001 standard, through the effective application of the system, promotes the enterprise to continuously improve the products and processes, and realizes the stability and improvement of product quality, which is undoubtedly the most effective protection for the interests of consumers, and also increases the credibility of consumers to buy products from qualified suppliers.

Second, improve enterprise management ability
The ISO9001 standard encourages enterprises to adopt a process approach when developing and implementing a quality management system, through the identification and management of numerous interrelated activities, as well as the systematic management and continuous monitoring and control of these activities, in order to achieve a product that is acceptable to customers. In addition, the quality management system provides the framework for continuous improvement and increases the level of satisfaction of customers (consumers) and other interested parties. Thus, the ISO 9001 standard provides an effective method for effectively improving the management capability of enterprises and enhancing their competitiveness in the marketplace.

Fourth, it is conducive to enhancing international trade and eliminating technical barriers
In international economic and technical cooperation, the ISO 9001 standard is used as the technical basis for mutual recognition, and the quality management system certification system of ISO 9001 is also mutually recognized in the international scope and incorporated into the conformity assessment procedures. The World Trade Organisation/Technical Barriers Agreement (WTO/TBT) is one of a series of agreements reached by the WTO which deals with technical regulations, standards and conformity assessment procedures. The implementation of the ISO 9001 standard provides a common international language and guidelines for international economic and technical cooperation; obtaining quality management system certification has become a powerful weapon for participating in domestic and international trade and enhancing competitiveness. Therefore, the implementation of the ISO9001 standard has played a very positive role in eliminating technical barriers and removing trade obstacles.

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