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Do you know about liquid sandblasting?

Once the liquid sandblasting was introduced, it was affirmed and welcomed by customers. From the use of the industry, there are aviation, aerospace, electronics industry, weapons industry, automation and optics and other instrumentation industry, machine tools, moulds, hydraulic parts, hardware tools, automobiles, tractors, motorbikes, power machinery and train locomotives and other factories, as well as textile machinery, food machinery, medical equipment, chemical machinery, metal materials, artificial crystal, springs, metal craft and other industries.

So what are the roles of liquid sandblasting process?
1、Cleaning up the rough surface of fine castings
The use of liquid sandblasting to clean up fine castings, not only can remove the casting surface oxidation and residue, but also polishing effect, improve the surface finish of the casting. Especially for complex shapes without margin of fine castings, the use of liquid sandblasting cleaning and polishing is the most economical and effective process methods, such as turbine blades of aircraft engines.
The use of liquid sandblasting to clean the die-casting parts can make parts to reveal the colour of the metal consistent, so that the appearance of the parts more beautiful. Such as the use of liquid blasting effect is better, but also to improve the surface hardness of the parts and corrosion resistance. Liquid shot blasting can also achieve the role of decoration, such as a variety of instrument shells, frames, etc..
Sand casting of aluminium alloy castings, copper alloy castings using liquid sandblasting to get the same high surface quality. But the rougher cast steel, cast iron blanks, generally not recommended to use liquid sandblasting process.
2、Clear oxidation skin
After the heat treatment of oxidation and salt residue, the use of liquid sandblasting cleaning can not only remove the oxidation and can also improve the surface finish of the parts. Especially for the complex shape of the mold and precision parts liquid sandblasting effect is more prominent. For example, the file after heat treatment using liquid sandblasting not only no damage to the edge of the file part, but also can improve the service life of the file.
After hot rolling of various rare metal plates, can also use liquid sandblasting to remove oxidation and stains, for cold rolling as preparation, to improve the surface quality of the plate.
3、Remove the micro burr of mechanical processing
Although small, burrs are very harmful. With the progress of science and technology, mechanical parts are increasingly complex in shape, increasingly high precision requirements, application conditions are very strict, does not allow a little burr, such as textile machinery parts, hydraulic components, precision and complex parts of the aerospace industry, medical equipment, etc., the use of liquid sandblasting to remove burr efficiency of high quality and good, so that the junction of the two surfaces appear very small rounded corners (which is a lot of mechanical parts required). If you can reasonably choose the process parameters can also improve the original surface luminosity.
4、Cleaning dirt and rust stains
Various moulds such as forging, stamping, rubber, tyre moulds, plastic pressing moulds, glass products moulds, etc., after a period of use is bound to be stained with release agents and other dirt and burn marks, the use of liquid sandblasting (or shot blasting) cleaning, the effect is very significant at the same time can also improve the service life of the mould. The use of liquid sandblasting (shot) on food moulds can meet the requirements of medical sterilisation. Refurbishment of old mechanical parts, can achieve the effect of the whole old as new. Ceramic components in the electronics industry can also improve their pressure resistance.
5, for other surface treatment processes for the preparation
Before plating parts using liquid sandblasting pretreatment, plating layer bonding strong. This is particularly obvious for hard chrome. Such as engine piston ring chrome plating, textile machine wire rollers plating pear surface chrome.
Paint parts, spray parts, in the spray before the use of liquid sandblasting at the surface can increase the bonding force of the coating. Bonding parts using liquid sandblasting treatment of the surface, good bonding quality, solid.

6、Light finishing processing
Liquid sandblasting (shot) as a light finishing processing method is very effective. Especially for complex-shaped parts such as: impeller engine blades, a variety of mold-shaped surfaces such as currency, incense coins, commemorative coin mold polishing, any other method is incomparable. With liquid sandblasting polishing ceramic, diamond, is the most economical method, such as chemical fiber textile machinery friction wheel polishing.
7, in order to obtain a decorative surface without reflected light
With liquid sandblasting (shot) processing surface without reflection. Both the need for a smooth surface and do not allow reflective parts, using liquid sandblasting (shot) is the most effective process methods, such as surgical instruments.
Other products such as frosted glassware and patterned patterns, instrument panels, plastic drawing paper sand surface processing, single crystal silicon surface mirror and special fabric cloth plush processing, liquid sandblasting have a wide range of applications.
8, in order to improve the use of mechanical parts performance
Mechanical parts after liquid sandblasting, in addition to the original basis to improve the 0.5-1 level of finish, the sprayed surface has a microscopic uniform crater, can maintain the storage of lubricants, so that the lubrication conditions have been improved. As a result, it can extend the service life of parts and reduce the noise of mechanical movement. Such as gears, crankshafts, textile machinery, sewing machinery, etc.

After liquid sandblasting, especially after liquid shot blasting, mechanical parts can significantly improve the fatigue strength and corrosion resistance of the parts, such as springs, turbine blades, etc. Mechanical parts after liquid sandblasting, the surface of small defects easily exposed, help parts crack inspection and flaw detection.
In short, the liquid sandblasting process is one of the modern processing methods for metals. Because it does not use special expensive machine tools to obtain a high degree of finish of the shape of complex parts; its processing surface without knife marks, surface strengthening, can improve the wear resistance of parts, corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance; processing process without dust, low mania, not polluting the environment, high efficiency, wide application; process adaptability, good economic results and other advantages. We are convinced that, with the development of industrial production and labour protection science and technology in China, the liquid sandblasting process and its application will be able to get faster development!


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