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What are the principles and advantages of CNC machining of aluminum alloy

    Aluminum alloy cnc processing alias computer gong processing or CNC lathe processing, key aluminum parts, aluminum shell and other levels of processing. Because in recent years, on the cell phone, on the computer, mobile power, car parts prevalent, the aluminum parts processing precision to enhance the provisions, but from the other side of the aluminum alloy cnc machining process material fly over, complete a large number of, high precision production of aluminum alloy.

    A, aluminum alloy cnc processing principle:
    Aluminum alloy cnc machining principle is to use fully automatic automatic control system to install data program process instructions to manipulate the CNC lathe rolling bearing start and stop, speed regulation and speed regulation, etc. Can choose the CNC tool and according to the CNC tool to change the amount of eat away tool and its walking motion trajectory to carry out a lifetime of processing in a variety of matching positions required.
Second, aluminum alloy cnc processing advantages:
① aluminum alloy cnc machining can greatly reduce the number of work clothes, production and processing of complex style parts, only need to modify the processing program process.
② aluminum alloy cnc machining is relatively stable, not easy to let human factors processing errors, causing each aluminum alloy is not the same, and even the emergence of residual products.
③Aluminum alloy cnc processing can produce complicated aluminum parts, and even can produce production processing components. It can also produce a variety of types, produce high efficiency, save labor costs, and can additionally complete a variety of multi-volume production.


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