Star-20R,5 axis lathe machining advantage

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Update time : 2021-09-06 15:48:23
Star-20R,5 axis lathe machining
          Centering machine - full name is centering type CNC lathe, also can be called spindle box moving type CNC automatic lathe, economic turning and milling compound machine tool or longitudinal cutting lathe. It belongs to the precision processing equipment, which can complete the compound processing of turning, milling, drilling, boring, tapping and engraving at the same time, and is mainly used for the batch processing of precision hardware and shaft shaped non-standard parts.
         The centering machine makes a qualitative leap over CNC lathes in terms of machining efficiency and machining accuracy. Due to the adoption of two-axis tool arrangement, the machining cycle time is greatly reduced, and the idle travel time is realized by shortening the tool exchange time between the tool arrangement and the opposite tool table, the multiple tool table overlap function, the thread chip effective axis movement overlap function, and the direct spindle indexing function during secondary machining.
        Ensure the processing accuracy constant constant market centering machine's maximum processing diameter of 38mm, in the precision shaft processing market has a great advantage. This series of machines can be equipped with automatic feeding device to achieve fully automatic production of a single machine, reducing labor costs and product defect rate. It is very suitable for high volume production of precision shaft parts.
        Advantages of centering machine features
       1. Shorten the product manufacturing process chain.
       2. Significantly improve production efficiency.
       3. Reduce the number of clamping to avoid the accumulation of errors.
       4. Improve the processing accuracy of products.
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